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Crusader Plate Carrier ROC by Templars Gear

The Crusader CPC ROC has four quick-release buckles that allow for quick loading and unloading. The four quick-release connectors (ROC) connect the shoulder straps and the side panels to the front of the plate carrier. The side panels are connected with Velcro at

the back of the plate carrier and allowed an individual adjustment of the size, which gives you comfort.

The shoulder straps consist of two elements. One element is firmly connected to the front part and the other element to the rear part of the disc carrier. Both elements are connected by Velcro and allow here also a quick and individual adjustment. In addition; shoulder pads are attached to the shoulder straps, which are not as thick as other pads on other disc carriers. The shoulder pads are effective to prevent the two parts of the shoulder straps from accidentally opening and also provide more comfort.

The plates are inserted at the front, as well as from behind in the plate carrier and held securely by a Velcro. The side panels are each an elastic "skeleton" cummerbund. This can be extended with additional side pockets for ballistic protection plates (sk4), which can be mounted on the inside. This makes it possible to equip the side parts with pouches outside and to use a ballistic protection inside. The additional pockets for the ballistic inserts are sold separately.

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