The TACTICAL SHOOTER BELT made by TDS, is a tough and rigid but lightweight and comfortable 2-piece gun belt system used my tough military and law enforcement individuals.  The A-TACS RAIDER TACTICAL SHOOTER BELT accepts a wide range of holsters and accessory pouches.

The A-TACS RAIDER TACTICAL SHOOTER BELT comes with an inner and outer belt.  The shooter will wear the inner belt through their belt loops (velcro facing out) and the outer belt will velcro via hook and loop tape.

The outer belt of the A-TACS RAIDER TACTICAL SHOOTER BELT is made from doubles layer of 1 ¾” wide Type 13 Nylon with a plastic insert for added rigidity and support.  The outer belt also has two rows of ½” webbing which allows the shooter to add a wide range of MOLLE pouches or attachments.  The outer belt is fully adjustable for comfort and fit. The outer belt also features one of two available AUSTRI ALPIN COBRA® BUCKLES (please see below for buckle characteristics).  The A-TACS RAIDER TACTICAL SHOOTER BELT can be ordered with or without a D-ring.

Column of PALS webbing is 21 for size 32 or larger.

7,000-pound Tensile Strength for Solid Color Type 13 Webbing

5,000-pound Tensile Strength for A-TACS IX Color Type 13 Webbing

The inner belt of the A-TACS RAIDER TACTICAL SHOOTER BELT comes in two sizes, either 2” width or 1.5
width single layer of SCUBA webbing and is a standard overlap belt.  The 2” inner belt will fit most military style combat pants/trousers.  The 2” inner belt will not fit civilian style pants. The 1.5” inner belt is offered as an option and will fit most civilian belts.  The customer can choose one or the other below but only one inner belt will come with the purchase of each outer belt.

This item is MADE IN THE USA and in BERRY COMPLIANT.  Please allow 2 weeks for delivery.



The RAIDER TACTICAL SHOOTER BELT is not ANSI or OSHA RATED belts.  The AustriAlpin COBRA® Buckles are rated by themselves.  This belt was not designed for use as a rappelling harness. This design is to help secure shooter to an aerial platform while conducting operations.  Any misuse of this belt can cause serious injuries or death. TAC DEF SYS USA LLC assumes no liability connected to the misuse of this product.  That includes loss of life, injuries, damage or expenses of any kind while using this product

TDS Shooter Belt